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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sorry for My Long Hiatus

Sorry about being absent for so long. I was off doing research and, even though I had dial up internet from the apartment I rented, either the slow connection or the fact that I was in the Eastern bloc (or former Eastern bloc) kept prompting blogger to crash Safari every time I tried to log onto this blog. It was truly frustrating because so much happened in this two week period.

1. The 20 week anatomy scan went well. There's actually a chance that the girls are identical twins (the experienced ultrasound tech was marvelling at how similar the two of them look). And, so you can see for yourselves, here are some of the pics:

2. We finally settled on names: Hallie Rose and Olivia Skye. With a hyphenated last name.

3. And then, two days after I got back, I FELT them MOVE. It was amazing. Biomom has been able to feel them for weeks, but it was amazing for me to feel them through her. She's 22 weeks today!

That's all for now! More later!


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