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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Amnio Results are in!!!

By Thursday, the two of us were going crazy waiting for the results of the Amnio. I know they said two weeks, but we were hoping to find out sooner. So Biomom called over to the genetics diagnostics section of the Hospital and finally, late in the day, they called her back. They had results for Baby B but not for Baby A: Baby B was a girl and totally fine. They had no info on Baby A (about whom we were more concerned because of femur length issues) because, apparently, the cells culture at different rates. So we waited. I had to give a final on Friday, so I was out of commission for most of the afternoon. I was thinking about the amnio results all afternoon long, but I couldn't leave my phone on during the exam. Not only is it bad form, but that's precisely the sort of behavior I won't tolerate from my students. Anyway, I got out of my exam and called Biomom immediately, but she was on the phone. Finally, I got a hold of her, and she was angry that she could not get a hold of me (or her sister, or her mom, or anyone else, for that matter). Turns out that she had to call the genetics folks again, but they got back to her immediately this time, and Baby A was also fine, and also a girl.

So the name game begins in earnest (and we have even more faith in the capabilities of the ultrasound nurse). The choices now are leaning towards:

Ariana Rachel


Savannah something or another beginning with or containing an L.

But we are also considering Hallie and Harper and Hunter instead of Ariana, and Simone instead of Savannah. I also like Sophie or Sophia and Sonia instead of Savannah, but don't have much traction on these choices from Biomom (YET).

Vote early and often!



  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger Lo said…

    Sophie/Sophia are back in vogue and she will likely always have a lot of people around with that name. That may or may not bother you; just a fact.

    There's a Sonia in my family and I think it's's also very international (Puerto Rican and other Spanish cultures, Polish, Russian, you name it).

    I LOVE the name Ariana. I just personally love the way it sounds.

    That's my 2 cents.


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