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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Raves, rants, and the great stroller hunt

In the larger world of rants, I am happy that I have a rave--in support of Russ Feingold's support to Gay Marriage. Feingold is one of the few and brave out there who acknowledges that legalizing gay marriage is the only fair thing to do: Russ Feingold Speaks Out in Support of Gay Marriage

If anything, we could argue that gay marriage recuperates marriage for all people, but I'm not even going to go there!

What else? Life has been relatively uneventful in the land of twin procreation. Morning sickness is still with us, alas, and the smell of food cooking still makes Biomom pretty queasy. This has us experimenting with all sorts of main dish salads (beef, chicken, etc cut up into small, unrecognizable pieces and tossed among fresh, not cooked, veggies) and protein-powder laced smoothies (that may or may not go down easily). It's a bit of a struggle, but I think the kids are getting most of what they need nutritionally (and whatever else they need, they'll probably leech from Biomom).

Biomom's boss is being alternatively helpful and snarky. Biomom's been having a lot of trouble getting sufficient rest (she has sleep problems generally) and has been working what is a bit of a modified schedule of 11 to 7 or so---8 hours at the very least on most days. To her face, bossman is being supportive and telling her that he wants her to do everything to reduce her stress level, but behind her back, it's a different story. This has us a bit worried since we're afraid of how this will impact her performance review, her stature at her company etc. I don't think anyone will fire her (that's litigatable, anyway), but the idea of her job being precarious and us having twins to care for is a bit daunting. Hopefully this will straighten itself out. Yuck.

My life is pretty much the same as usual---I'm spending a lot of it working, the rest of it shopping for twin strollers and things like that. It's amazing how few good ones there are out there. Our requirement for the post-infant-car-seat period is that the stroller be comfy, safe, easy to push around on city sidewalks, light enough to handle, and relatively easy to get through narrow doors (an urban hazard). Right now, the choice seems to be narrowed down to a few.

Candidate One: The Tike-Tech Double Trouble Stroller

This one comes in cheery blue, red, and maroon; has pretty good reviews on Amazon; is light; and weighs in at a relatively affordable 299.99.

Candidate Two: Behind Door number two is the Mountain Buggy Urban Double Stroller.

The colors are less bold than those of the Tike-Tech but this is a very highly rated stroller. It's supposed to be quite comfy and easy to steer. Problem is that it's 650 dollars. Crazy.

Candidate Three: Baby Jogger City Double.

This one has good ratings too--perhaps even better than those of the Mountain Buggy, but is a hefty 550.

Any advice? And any ideas why NONE of these come with built in cupholders? Honestly, for the price, I'd expect somewhere to stash my coffee (or at least waterbottle). Especially on something that bills itself as an Urban buggy, and not a jogging stroller per se.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully we'll have some cool picks to upload from our Friday ultrasound!


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Estelle said…

    Uh.... why not a normal double stroller?

    I have a friend with a stroller shop and she says that everyone buys the mountain buggy thinking they'll love it, and she gets more complaints about that one stroller than all the others combined. A POS she says.

    Twin joggers (or jogger type wannabes as the case may be) are cool in theory but suck in practice. We had one with the girls and I hated it and have yet to find one that would work for every day living.

    I loved the Zooper double, except for the shade. And the PP aria SBS double. NOT the peg perego back to front. That one sucked horribly. has a great stroller board to peek around. And when you need car seats, email me. I am your car seat lady ;)


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