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Friday, April 14, 2006

crazy, crazy week

Sorry about my somewhat prolonged absence. As I think I mentioned a while ago, we had an ultrasound last Friday to check Sharon's cervical length. Happily, I did not have to throw myself on the table and stage a sit in to demand that we also see the kids---in fact, that was the very first thing the technician spent considerable time doing. They were MUCH bigger than they had been two weeks earlier (even though they were still comparatively small, weighing in at about 3 ounces apiece.

And so, drum-roll please, here they are:

Now, the really great thing is that they both had heart beats, they were both moving, and one of them has Biomom's cute little upturned nose.

The slightly disconcerting thing is that their femurs both measured quite short (in the 20th percentile or so). While this probably means nothing whatsoever, Biomom got on the 'net and found that this is correlated with a higher probability of Down's Syndrome.

So, after a weekend of stress, we decided to go ahead and do an amnio (though we aren't telling anyone---other than the whole blogosphere, of course). This happens next Friday and the really stressful thing is that we won't have results for a whole two weeks (probably not until our 20th week anatomy scan). So, keep your fingers crossed that all is okay.

Meanwhile, our 15.5 week checkup was today, and that went really well. I adore our OB--she's responsive, patient, supportive, and has a ton of experience with twins (she has five sets cooking right now). I'm really glad we took the advice of our RE and went to this particular practice (which also functions like a well-oiled machine more generally).

Anyway, hopefully things will go well next Friday and we'll then know the sex of the kids (and then begin the great name game in earnest).

Stay tuned for updates!



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