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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Amnio Tomorrow....

...wish us luck.

Meanwhile, the great name game continues. It'll be nice to have an actual sense of what we're having before we negotiate the names, but here they are. Feel free to vote:

If it's boy/girl:

Holden Ellis (boy)
Spencer Ryan (girl)

If it's boy/boy:
Holden Ellis
Spencer Ryan (yup, totally gender free)


Holden Ross or Holden Reese
Spencer Lucas

if it's girl/girl:

Hallie something-with-an-L-sound in it (maybe Loren?)
Spencer Ryan

These names are subject to change. Basically, we need an H name, an R name, an S name and something with an L in it. Any votes for alternative names? Do these names sound too dorky, too distinctive?

We are, as you can probably already tell, not interested in having the kids named the same thing as half the kids in their classes are named---but we don't want them to get teased too much for their names, either.

So any ideas you might have will be gratefully accepted...



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