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Saturday, March 04, 2006 very own blog...this time for real

My efforts at procrastination continue. Rather than read the material I was crazy enough to assign this week, I am blogging. Mostly out of frustration. I love commenting on other folks' blogs but can't publish them easily without a blog of my own (who knew that we needed more than 50 pounds and a room to be truly self sufficient?). So here I am. Blogging this.

In the future, this will be useful for a couple of important reasons:

1. My lovely wife is upstairs gestating our twins (to be born in early fall, to coincide rather crazily with the start of the school year) and we will want to get the two of them blogging from day one.

2. The pregnancy is wonderful but so far its somatic impact is pretty wretched. Or should I say retched?. This weeks' adventure: what smells/tastes/food/thoughts of food/descriptions of food etc will promote wretching, gagging and heaving? So far it seems the kids hate anything that has a smell, taste, or description. Fun.

3. I'd love to have a record of the good times and the bad.

Anyway, welcome to my pathetic tiny blog and I hope to add more interesting stuff later!

Blue State Non Bio Mom (BSNBM)


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