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Monday, March 06, 2006

Take A Walk on the Dark Side

This just in from Media Matters (a great website about truth in media):

Fox at the Oscars: Homosexuality among the "darker themes this year"

While introducing a segment on the 78th Annual Academy Awards on the March 5 edition of Fox News' Fox News Live, anchor Gregg Jarrett noted that the films nominated in the Best Picture category dealt with themes such as "homosexuality; homicide bombings; political assassinations," and that Hollywood was "going with a lot of darker themes this year." As Jarrett spoke, onscreen text read: "Hollywood walks on the darker side." (On principle, I won't link to Fox---but you can find it for yourself if you feel like it!)


It comforts me no end to know that cuddling with my lover and admitting that we are a couple is right up there with lobbing IEDs, shooting vice presidents (oops: did I mean being SHOT by vice presidents? Well, either way...), and the like. Phew. I was beginning to feel like my love life was being normalized or something.

Happy post Oscars!



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