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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Scariest Campaign Commercial I've Ever Seen...

Vernon Robinson is an African American running for office in North Carolina whose promises include a return to traditional values and never to "go native." One presumes he means restoring power to the Klan, refurbishing all of those "coloured only" water fountains, as well as attacks on gays, 'aliens' and radical judges features in this commercial:

Vernon Robinson's sick commercial

This is a pretty amazing video (and hats off to Pam's House Blend and Crooks and Liars for posting it). One wonders how soon before whomever owns the rights to The Twilight Zone and Leave it To Beaver sue the pants off of this bozo.

If you are in North Carolina district where Robinson is running or know anyone who does, PLEASE mobilize against the scary guy. But the reason I'm crossposting this is that this is unfortunately indicative of the scare politics of the right. I guess they're right--gays who marry and Ten Commandments controversies really *are* so much more important issues than extending health care, educating our population, upholding civil liberties and constitutional values and other really insignificant stuff like that....



  • At 1:43 PM, Blogger A M A N D A said…

    it is are SO right, why isn't healthcare, education, alternative fuel sources, the environment considered issues of dire concern... instead, our weddings?

    this is horrible but i have no tolerance for these people, yet i want it for my family...

    hey, thanks for stopping by our blog and for you kind words, congrats on your babies!! may the morning/afternoon/evening sickness fade quickly for your lady :o)


  • At 2:23 PM, Blogger Kiles said…

    Just found your blogs, well done on the pending arrival of your twins, that is so cool.
    We are expecting a baby, we are 8 weeks.
    We live in a country that also thinks we are too 'dangerous' to marry.
    keep up the blogging :-)


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