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Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday Pet Blogging

This was the only picture of Boo (aka Bailey Boo), the world's most expensive Shar-pei. Right now, she's draped over the couch (two legs hanging down) kind of chilling and looks much cuter than she does in this particular picture. (Also, our hallway is no longer a medley of band-aid peach and navy surplus lime green and is instead a textural Ralph Lauren sandstone complemented by a high-gloss white, which is a vast improvement). Anyway, Bailey costs us a few hundred dollars a month in a good month and considerably more than that in a bad month. Not to mention the fact that she hogs the bed (she used to hog the full bed; now she hogs the queen sized bed. I suspect that if we ever decided we could fit a king size bed up the narrow staircase -- or airlifted one in -- that she'd manage to hog that one, too). But she is worth every hard earned penny because she's a totally sweet (if fearsome to strangers) dog and we love her. Hopefully she won't feel too displaced by the babies.

On other notes: Happy Belated International Women's Day. I've been dressed down by one of my real-life friends (who now lives in Peru) a couple of days ago for forgetting to mention this -- as she rightfully pointed out, my feminist credentials are in danger of being withdrawn. So, this is for you Marie!

Otherwise: I want to blog my response to Trans America (which I thought was very good and I really think both Dolly and Felicity Huffman deserved rewards for their song and role, respectively) but am way too tired to do that right now. So more on this topic later.



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