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Monday, March 27, 2006

First Signs O' Spring

It's finally spring like around here. After a few really warm (nearly 80 degree days) we plunged once more into the depths of winter (damn that groundhog!). That lasted, as predicted, what was probably another 6 weeks (felt like longer). Finally, today was lovely. The tomatos and cukes and other assorted seeds that are sprouting in their little tray spent the day outside and I took a nice long walk (running errands, alas, but still a walk). If I wasn't so behind on EVERYTHING (how did I manage to get six weeks behind in four? That's better than Stalin's purported First Five Year Plan), I'd be thrilled.

So, it's off to work now. But here's my image of spring for your enjoyment. The sad reality is that most everything else is grey and messy--some green stalks of bulbs sprouting but other than a crocus or two and one lone daffodil, this is pretty much it right now!




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