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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Every Sperm is Sacred

My morning blogroll uncovered this hugely progressive development:

House GOP Bans County Health Clinics From Providing Birth Control

Seems that the House of fine state of Missouri, in an effort to turn back the clock and return us to the days prior to Griswold v. Connecticut, has voted 96-59 to delete the funding for contraception and infertility treatments after Rep. Susan Phillips told lawmakers that anti-abortion groups such as Missouri Right to Life were opposed to the spending.

As near as I can tell, this decision is informed by the following impeccable logic: life begins at ejaculation, not fertilization. (Unless of course you are infertile. That's apparently a different story, no doubt one infused with the panic that perhaps someone other than straight married folks--perhaps someone like me and BioMom--might seek out fertility treatments).
Thus, from now on, clinics can't even mention contraception. How enlightened.

And, naturally, that very same enlightened institution--the Catholic Church--that has come out against gays and lesbians adopting unwanted, unintended babies in places like Massachusetts and now California--supports this legislation because it means that the upstanding citizens of Missouri no longer have to challenge their ethical and moral beliefs by supporting clinics that help women avoid unintended pregnancies. Great.

Time to wake up, America!


  • At 11:17 AM, Blogger Estelle said…

    Up until a few years ago, you couldn't get any contraception in FL if you were under 18. Thankfully they changed that.
    Couldn't get the link to work so I didn't read the story. But it sounds just plain stupid. I won't get fired up over public health clinics not paying for infertility, but birth control and the like should still be covered.


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